USGBC Faculty

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DCarbon received another great acknowledgement for being actively engaged with the sustainable real estate and green building industry. In April 2018, our LEED Accredited Professional Charalampos Giannikopoulos has become a licensed USGBC Faculty.

USGBC Faculty is a global network of credible, qualified instructors, teachers and facilitators with deep expertise in and passion for sustainability that cuts across sectors, cultures and geographies. For more than a decade, USGBC Faculty members have played a leading role in our movement to enhance the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated. Their deep expertise on a broad range of sustainability themes— from rating systems to real estate— makes them highly sought after presenters of both information and inspiration.

USGBC Faculty are expert practitioners in the green building industry who are the only individuals authorized to teach USGBC education programs. They are passionate advocates, advancing USGBC’s goal of market transformation through fundamental education initiatives.

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