Press Release HERACLES Group and DCarbon

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HERACLES Group announces its collaboration with the sustainability consulting multidisciplinary group DCarbon on the design and construction of the sustainable building “the SPOT”

True to its vision to accelerate the transition to innovative and climate-neutral construction that fosters the principles of circular economy, HERACLES Group announces its collaboration with DCarbon, with a view to minimizing the carbon footprint of the innovative “the SPOT” (Sustainable Practices of Tomorrow) building throughout its life cycle. It is the sustainable and energy-efficient building of tomorrow that will be created at the Patras University Campus, Rio, with the aim to promote sustainable practices through both the construction itself and the business ideas that will be developed by the University students.

Specifically, having building decarbonisation as the primary objective, HERACLES Group chose to work with DCarbon’s multidisciplinary team of sustainability consultants to prepare a report with sustainable design recommendations and life-cycle analysis of “the SPOT”, as well as to provide sustainability and climate resilience consulting. In addition, DCarbon undertakes to inspect and evaluate the architectural and other designs regarding the sustainable design, construction and operation of this innovative building. Thanks to its high expertise and long experience in different sectors, DCarbon will contribute to the generation of significant added value in the development of “the SPOT”.

Mr. Charalambos Giannikopoulos, General Manager of DCarbon, stated that “the creation of “the SPOT”, a project with strong symbolism for the importance of sustainable and climate-resilient buildings for society as a whole, is an excellent opportunity for us to create synergies with HERACLES Group. Thus, we will jointly attempt, on the occasion of “the SPOT”, to identify ways of minimizing the environmental footprint resulting from the use of concrete, but also to highlight important opportunities for direct and transparent contribution of building materials to the construction of high added-value buildings as well as to the fulfilment of ESG targets.”

Mr. Charalambos Kouris, Sustainability Director at HERACLES Group, stated: “It is with great pleasure that we are announcing our collaboration with DCarbon, aiming to achieve the minimum environmental footprint for “the SPOT”. We are confident that the knowledge, experience and know-how of DCarbon’s expert consultants will contribute considerably to the realization of our sustainability goals for this truly innovative project. By joining forces with strategic partners that promote sustainable development and open up new avenues, we are building together progress for people and the planet.”

Press Release

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