In the age of climate change, minimising the environmental impact of our projects is a shared imperative for clients and design teams. At DCarbon we set sustainability targets forevery project and offer solutions through innovative research and practice that deliver business advantages for our clients. As a firm, we believe that green buildings result from proper application of fundamentals combined with innovation andan effective delivery process starting from the earliest phase of the project and proceeding through the construction up tothe operation and occupancy. 


The subject of sustainability is complex and the possibilities endless. DCarbon provides a complete and comprehensive suite of sustainability services tailored specifically to our clients’ requirements. Our approach is constantly adapting to new regulation and innovative solutions, and is coupled with the pragmatic expertise that our professional team offers. DCarbon has managed the vast majority of all LEED projects in Greece. Our experience of the built environment allows us to provide a bespoke solution to our clients’ organisations and associated properties. Our solutions are enshrined in a desire to make sustainability commercially beneficial for our clients. This approach ensures that we provide a clear strategy to reduce resource dependence in a realistic and budget-driven solution.


Our approach contributes to each of these areas: integrating the team, the process for evaluating and later implementing strategies, the tools that may be used for production andanalysis, and project goals. We incorporate sustainability into all of our projects by seeking opportunities for integrated design. We help the architect in building sitingand envelope design, and in developing internal MEP pathways conducive to high performance systems. Passive strategies such as natural ventilation and daylighting, solarthermal and PV, rainwater harvesting and water recycling are all part of our design considerations.

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