DCarbon joins the Green Industry Platform

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The Green Industry Platform is a global, high-level, multi-stakeholder partnership and forum to catalyze, mobilize and mainstream action on Green Industry around the world. It provides a framework to bring governmental, business and civil society leaders together to secure concrete commitments and action in support of the Green Industry agenda, i.e. greening the manufacturing process and creating green industries for production of goods and services for domestic use or export.

The Green Industry Platform offers signatories a global public-private partnership that has been established with the aim of providing a framework for participants to take concrete and measurable action to advance green industry at all levels. In the context of the Platform, ‘Green Industry’ is broadly defined as industrial production that operates within the carrying capacity of supporting eco-systems and can improve the quality of human life.

As of September 2015 DCarbon joines the Green Industy Platform. The participation of DCarbon in this initiative will help drive forward the global push toward inclusive and sustainable industrial development. Sustainable development is the principal objective of all countries, and that industrialdevelopment and innovation are critical prerequisites to reducing poverty, creatingdecent jobs, ensuring food, energy and water security, delivering sustainable goodsand services worldwide, and raising living standards for all.

Visit www.greenindustryplatform.org for more information.

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